What an honor to give Work of Art

A black ● I white ● E red ● U green ● O blue

When the faithful is not lawful protest , the sticks can not stand being burned … The results processed and exposed live beyond their alleged aesthetic values.

Other attributes of the artistic doctrine will be considered , moreover there will be some soul who will submit to the supreme notary exuberant swath of heads … A ‘ footprint of pleasure not renewed will block up to the unexpected , such as the research fizzes size of the return to the classic . If the artistic esthete not worried then fascinates !

Return to us and defeat reborn ( again ) – criticism of disappointment, now becomes omen now negation of ” P ” art . This declaration Drammalogia to Patossigenesi … and again repeated : Who is not interested amputation ritual ? If anything, he plays the role of listener diverted and lost.

Who realizes that the dogma shattered by the free movement of limbs and cuts is nothing but a system off from the rest , remained forever be in the scheme or dogma dogma , activates the logic of metacritique close to the interruption of sleep psycho- mental … the child – subject. At each stage you will say that organizes self- amputation , protective mode for the development of its dynamic change from form to form.

The work Amputated from rotten that is not gold rises creepy proliferation of virulent propaganda . Celebrates the great Virus and connects the wars between them . Now we release versions of the self obiettrici of consciousness , with the assumption of those who inform about it mirrors.

Misinforms protected by ‘ aura . One problem , for those who believe , it is therefore not a problem but rather a gift from failing ecstatic…

This is proof that the machine mechanics of artistic production and related languages ​​mass absorb energy and power ideologies and current representations.