Fire Performance Art


The performance of energy forces of attraction and repulsion , the opposites of nature come together in a dance that will challenge the laws of fear , a coded letter forgotten in the fire
La Lettera bruciata:
We discuss the Fire of the Stars – Do not know the nature of the fire – finally we use it , and the mystery of the Flame remains … Organic Fire that is alive – Fire Flame Fire Light Lava Fire – Fire Alchemist and the Flame of Fire light and Life … The game Alchemist – body heat the Flames of bodies – the Science of Fires Fire Ethereal – bodies of Energy in statues of the sun … the Fire for souls illusion of time – Original Nature ” light ” and ” fire ” the men calmed firm and strong , never tired … did not light the flame that just warms , some books … did drop a few drops of the precious ointment on flame … fire missed face eyes energy that attracts suffer … light and show the emptiness of the fire …


Project Data